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Cabeza de ratón Music is an independent entertainment company dedicated to consulting artists, labels, companies and brands.

Experience in different areas: Marketing, Promotion (Radio, Clubs, TV, Press), Artists and Repertoire (A&R), Artist Booking for public and private events, Licensing Management through its Networking network, Music Curation.

Our Services

We Focus Our Efforts In Four Areas


Cabeza de ratón Music tiene la capacidad para crear una promoción de radio, medios de comunicación, eventos y otras estrategias; incluidas campañas (Inbound / Outbound) y Spotify.

In radio, monitoring services are available in the main cities of the country; promotion in discos and clubs through Dance Club Report.


Focused on content for physical formats: Vinyl or Compact Disc (Full, EP or Single) through licenses with independent labels in the United States and Europe to provide your brand with a differential value through specialised curation.


We have the necessary experience to offer artists and speakers for public and private events to position your brand.


Advice for artists on the artistic and legal positioning of their musical product, as well as synchronisation of works for film, TV and radio.
Inscripción de trabajos finales para los Premios Grammy anglo y latino.